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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I am running late this morning. My daughter fell down the steps at my son's trailer yesterday and is all banged up. She has a big bruise on her hip and rear end. She also cut her foot on the cement block stairs. I have been waiting for her to get up to see if she wants me to take her to the doctor. She would not go when this happened!

I think the twins are starting to be to much for her to Handel! They are into something all the time. Yesterday they were up on the road! Spanking didn't seem to make them stay away. They thought it was a game of catch me if you can. Today they will have me to contend with. They don't want to listen to her so out comes the big guns LOL!

I didn't no about the road problem until it was over. They must learn that the road is off limits! Period! The road is suppose to be 25mph but they do 60mph on it. We live in the county and traffic control is none existent.

Have you ever wanted to just hit the road and travel all over? Man I have! I saw this yesterday on the net...

Now that's the way to hit the road! This is a full size tractor trailer conversion mobile home! Heck you could take the whole gang with you.(or all you golf buddies!)

Thought for the day, raising twin boys is like combat, you have to plane your strategy every day!


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