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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

One most memorible Christmas? That was a question on one of my blog friends sight. I have several and I know you do too! A neat subject to blog about so here is one of mine...
Favorite Xmas? Hum… I have several, but I will go with this one… Xmas 1949, I was eight years old and had just found out there was no Santa! Needless to say I was devastated. I had dreamed of a new bike, and had pics. all over of it. I just knew Santa would not forget me. The news of no Santa haunted me; I cried but as for as I knew no one was aware of my broken heart.

My grandma always made me go to church with her so I was well aware of the reason for the season. Dang it I still wanted that bike!

Xmas eve I went to bed early because I didn’t want to talk about getting anything. I tried the best I could not to think about not getting the bike. At daybreak every one was opening presents and singing for joy. I tried to ignore them. I went in the kitchen to stay warm by the stove and listen to the radio.

My mom came in and said every one wanted me to come to the front room and open my presents. I told her I would be up later! She said you have a card that looks like it was drug through the snow! There is no snow mom! Well you need to open it and see what it is!

I went up and sure enough in the tree was a card with my name on it and it was smudged all over! I opened the letter, and it said Hohoho Merry Christmas! I had no room to put your bike so I put it in the closet! It was not signed but I knew my mom and grandma had played Santa for me!

Footnote: I like to have never got that bike out of that closet!


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