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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Imo Jima Fly By

It's not my intention to make a political statement but just give my opinion WAR SUCKS However our FREEDOM ISN'T FREE

Thousands gave their live for this tinny south pacific island. The coast was overwhelming but thousands more were spared as a results.

I have read on line the comparison of this battle to the battle being waged in Iraq! Doesn't any one realize that a human live is given! It doesn't matter where it is!I get sick at my stomach at the protest of this WAR Our troops are dying so some idiot is free to protest! I don't agree with war but all had better look at the alternative!

Regardless of how we got into this, we must support our troops! They are there so you can be here!

Thought for the day, blood of those fighting for our freedom has been written in the sand all over the world! Freedom ISN'T"FREE!


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