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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Australian motorcyclist Andy Caldecott during the 27th Dakar Rally between Bamako and Kayes, Mali, January 2005. The death of Caldecott in the Dakar Rally has sent shockwaves through the local community.

What draws us to the anticipated thrill of an accident? High risk sports are the most popular drawings in the world. You anticipate a wreck at a Nascar race! The Dakar Rally has seen 23 deaths in 28 years! Not a good track record!

Look at boxing, wresling, ice hokey, football, just to name a few where the adrenalin runs high and accidents are anticipated. These are sports but how does this effect every day life?

Could this adrenalin high be why we run red lights and cause accident? Pull out in front of an on coming car. HURT the one we love!

Have you ever seen the Bull Run in Spain, or watched a bull fight; dog or chicken fight? How bout the caged fight no holds bared!

Then we can look at why we cheat on each other, is it the thrill of you might get caught? Is this what drives the child molester and ripest? The Adrenalin High!

All of us at some point in our life have done something we were not suppose to and experienced this high but never thought of why we did it! Could it be some are so addicted to this high they can't quit and we call it a neuroses!

We no so little about the human mind! One thing is for sure the adrenalin high is real and can be dangerous if not controlled.

Thought for the day, high risk are part of our every day life. Try not to think of this as you drive you five thousand pound car down the road. Don't anticipate!


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