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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Fact is, our week end was a duty turned into a retreat! My Grandson, had to be in court Friday at 8:30am, and his car couldn't make the trip. Grandpa did some fast talking And talked my best friend into going with us.

Without a dout it was good to get away but Chad got a continuance on his court case. Gulf Shores is still cleaning up after Camille. It's hard to believe after all this time you can still see the after affect of that hurricane.

The State Parks beach front facilities are just sitting there? You would think that would have been the first to get rebuilt. I can imagine the developers are DROOLING wanting to get their hands on that location!

We went by where Chad use to live with his dad's parents and all that's left is the empty lot. Strange, there is five homes and only there's was destroyed! They lived on the bay some ten miles or so from the beach.

Golf was fun we played three different courses. Two are my favorite Glen Lakes and Rock Creek in Fairhope. It's a shame that it cost so much, I'm sure the price is high for the snow birds that flock to the beach. A round of golf has jumped fifteen dollars in five years! Wouldn't be bad if you wages went up 40% to match the increase!

Bottom line it was good to get away and we took full advantage of it.
Chad & Grandpa
Thought for the day, next time I go to the beach it will be McDonald morning noon and night!


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