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Monday, April 26, 2004

Hi gang, I am back from the 4/25/04 CRASH! What a mess Worked all day geting things back in order. I have four more soft ware programs to install and will be back up complete! I am to bushsd to fool wirh it tonight, it will wait untile tomarrow.

What I hate most, I lost all of my pictures! Including this weeks photo Sunday. I my get it later or just wait until next Sunday. "This to will pass."

I hope every one had a good Monday. Just think only four more to go! The way time is flying it will be here before you no it.

I thank every ones kind words to my daughter. She was scared to death of posting for me. She is so stressed out with school, and home work. She has little time for any thing else. I wont to get by and say high to as many of you as I can so CHAW, for now!

Sign of the times!

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY, my granpa use to say son, don't get up tight over your problems. Leave that up to the katsup bottle!

Wodr for the day: Craven.


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