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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Hi gang. Another day is gone, in the record books, kaput, zip, one- take! Did you ever think about life as a move, if something mxs%sed up. You just start over. Take two (messed up.) There that’s what I mean!

Would life be better? I think not! We would run around like a chicken with its head cut off spurting bloody changes everywhere!

Just imagine, hey, the phone don’t work! Oh yea Alexander took another take on his acid spill!

My gosh Canada is gone! Oh yea, England and France thought The Indians need to try their luck! You got it! THEY TOOK A RETAKE!

You can see where this is going! On a retake you and I might not be here! I am sort of glade there is only one of you and me!

I finely got the snake picture to up load in a bigger pixel. It is too big for my blog, so I will leave it up one day for all of you to see!

Sign of the times!

Thought for the day, I love all of you just as you are! Course granpa said be nice.

Word for the day: Apogee


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