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Thursday, April 08, 2004

The pic. Is our current radar? It sure didn’t look like this six years ago today. News article—
1998 - Major F5 tornado struck western Jefferson county Alabama leveling the communities of Oak Grove, Rock Creek, Edgewater, McDonald's Chapel, Sylvan Springs and Pratt City. The tornado lifted just two miles from downtown Birmingham. The twister had a track of 20 miles with the damage path averaging between one-half and three-quarters of a mile in width. 33 people died in the storm.

We drove through the area and I videotaped the damage! It is hard to believe the damage a tornado can do.

(F5) Incredible tornado (261-318 mph)
Incredible damage. Strong frame houses lifted off foundations and carried
considerable distance to disintegrate; automobile sized missiles fly through
the air in excess of 100 meters(109 yds); trees debarked; incredible phenomena will

As we drove through the area I could not believe my eyes! Most homes were gone; the only thing left was the cement slab.

Gang this is just a grim reminder of the fear you get when a thunderstorm rumbles through in the south! I lost a godson, and his mother three years ago. They were in a house trailer. The trailer park was destroyed, like someone dropped a bomb.

We had high wind and thunderstorms last night, all night. You always wonder in the back of your mind is this one ours?

Thought for the day, fear is useless, common séance is a must.

Word for the day: consternation


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