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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Hi gang, are you ready for some Major Golf? I wont be able to sleep to night, thinking about it. The masters! Defending champ Canada’s Mike Weir. The Kings 50th, And final Masters. The close of an area. This will be Jack Nicolas 44th. He is not ready to hang it up. I saw Big John on TV today; he is as cool as a cucumber.

Mike Weir top- Bottom Tigers hole in one today! The King watching.

I worked in the root pit for three hours and only dug up two! They are something else, I had to laugh they hang on. Just when you think you have all the roots cut, there is always one more.

My granpa use to say son, don’t hock up the mule to those privet roots, she’ll pull down a building in China!

I had some ask about a theme for Sunday’s photos? What we were thinking of was shots of something or someone in your area. How big of an area is up to you. The idea is to let every one no a little more about you and where you live. Have fun!

Thought for the day, don’t feel guilty if you missed your goal today try again tomorrow.

Word for the day: ataractic.


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