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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Hi gang, another cool day around Boyd creek. I got out long enough to go to the Doc. office and that was it. He thinks I am having a reaction to one of my meds. I should no in a day or so.

This is a hard post to do tonight. We have talked before how things seam to happen in threes. I told you of my friend’s mother in-law has breast cancer. Late last night I found out one of my best friends wife has a maligned brain tumor. With chemo she has eighteen to twenty-four months. Surgery is Monday the fifth. I ask all of you to remember her in your thoughts and prayers!

M. Went to her friends to spent the night and the house sure is empty. Even the dogs keep looking down the hall at her room.

How many had April fools jocks played on them today? I have read several blogs that have had them. I have been thinking of the song “Fools rush in where Angels never play” something like that. So open up you heart and let this fool rush in! Remember that one?

I am going to try to give you a new sign each day that does exist on a truck or place of business, during the month of April. ‘They are called the Signs of times’.


Thought for the day, live for the day, you were not promised tomorrow.

Word for the day: ma-chree.


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