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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Hi gang; if you’re like me you are wondering where did the day go. Well my main man Tiger is struggling! He is six back. Adam Scott from down under looks strong. He could sit a new record at Saw Grass. I love it when you get to see records sat or broken.

I think I told every one about the stray tomcat we have hanging around. That darn cat cost me a vet bill. Fluff and him got into it and she wound up with an infection.

We have to give her antibiotics twice a day far a week and then take her back to the vet. I need to get a vet lic. Seams like we are running to the vet a lot. Top it off our vet; we have had for twenty years moved to another county! New vet! I think he thinks he has struck Boyd creek gold.

Do you guys have to go to the Vet a lot?

Gang meet Mss. Fluff.

Don’t forget Nextel is running at Bristol tomorrow, up by Kat.

Thought for the day, pain is something we all have to dill with.

Word for the day: acerbate


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