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Friday, April 16, 2004

Hi gang! Friday is here, for many it means release from the norm. For the disabled or retired it is another day, not much different from the others. I have always envied those who loved their work so much they didn’t want to take the weekend off.

Second thought not taking the weekend off sucks! I mean loving their work. Are you like that or no someone like that?

I have always found something I had rather be doing than working. The companies I have worked for never seamed to care about you, as long as there was a profit. Don’t rock the boat! Work over on your on time, make things easer, cheaper, faster, and don’t worry about the stress or the guy/girl stabbing you in the back.

Your reward, they haired someone younger pay him/her more to do half of what you do. This by the way is called teamwork! You are supposed to train them to take your job! Oh and by the way you twenty years of experience should be taught in a week!

Ah… cooperate America or has this become world standard? I may sound angry but I am only annoyed at what people will do to each other. The ethics come from the top down, you are not told out right to cut someone’s throat but you better understand what they mean or it will be your throat.

Have you ever wondered how some people can sleep? Some of the things that are done are so cold blooded! Just today I had to get a med. filled at the Vet. For my wife’s dog. Our old Vet. Sold out and moved to another county. I ask the bookkeeper if she had heard from him and she went sh….. Are you kidding!

I asked what she meant. She said I worked for him for sixteen years and had no idea what was going on. His last day he told me he sold out and the new Vet. Would be here Monday. Out the door he went! I was floored! I had to wait until Monday to find out who's the new Vet, and if I had a job or not! Her last comment was I hate people like that!

Well enough of Cooperate America.

Sign of the times!

Thought for the day, my granpa use to say son, always do you best. Second best are for those who don’t care!

Word for the day: Abscissa


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