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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"forgotten hero's"

Their gun barrels covered against the spray, U.S. infantrymen gaze from their landing craft toward Omaha Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

As I scanned the morning papers around the world on line this morning not a word about D-Day! In disbelief I went out and got the morning paper out of the mail-box and again not a word. The front page was covered with an article " suspect takes deputy's on high speed chase" The article is complete with a pic. of the deputy's suv in a ditch and a pic. of the suspect.

For those interested goggle D-Day and get the story of the coast of freedom for the world as we no it today!

By comparison there are 1,773 article about Michele Wie's failure to make the cut at the US Open! 3,500 hung on her every move around the greens and along the fairways. History was made by Michele but not the kind she was looking for.

There were so many people wanting to watch her that they had to close off entrance to the course! Normal around 150 show up to watch the qualifying. 4,000 greeted Michele in the parking lot!

There is no question, she can play golf and will be a great golfer. How ever she maintains her goal is to play against the men. She is very adamant about her ambition! Playing in the ladies championship later this week is second best for her and she hardly mentions it. 59th out of 156 is good but she had to be in the top 18 to play the Open. She was up beat and said "maybe next year I will do better"!


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