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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Indoor Day

Geez, Went to bed raining got up raining, looks like today will be the day to get caught up on the puter.

Yesterday I spend six hours at our church cutting hedges. My best friend has been doing this but after having the stents put in he doesn't need to be doing this kind of work. I jumped in to keep him from doing it. He's hard headed and would be out there trying even if it hurt him.

I hope every one has a great hump day.

Edit: I posted quick this morning right in the middle of a thunder storm! I just got back in from walking Buddy. Should say him draging me up and down the road! LOL! He loves the walk and watches for me to put on my shoes I use for walking! I saw on Tv where Texas got hit hard, my prayers go out to them. We may get some bad weather this afternoon. Although it has cooled off quite a bit.

Two of the kitten got caught outside in the thunder storm late yesterday and spent the night in my sons old truck. They were sure glade to get back in this morning. LOL! I hope to get around to see everyone today. Have a good one!


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