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Thursday, May 18, 2006

"What's left to plunder"

There seams to be quite a resemblance between Mexico and America. Each have been raped by foray of intruders. Looks at the history of the country and you will see what i mean. After the country has been carved up by special interest groups there isn't much left.

I don't think there is an American who would not climb a fence if the plight of Mexico was reversed. Zero plus Zero equal Zero! That's what many have and are faced with every day. Forty present of the country are below the poverty level.

106,000,000 are livening in an area three times the size of Texas! America has 130,000,000, 11,000,000 of these belong back in Mexico that have scaled the walls to survive! Think about it for a minute, living day to day in a country who exploits your labor and the people want you to go home! Hiding staying among your own for fear of being sent back to oblivion.

Look around at the work they do. No one else wants these jobs! They are hard dirty and pay little yet the pay gives them a chance to survive. These are hard working proud people who just want the same is you a chance at a better life.

I don't have the answer to the immigration problem but it has to be addressed! These are human beings who are disparate. Build all the walls you want and it will not keep them out. 60% of their work force is service orientation, something has to be done to promote jobs for these people or the border crossing will never stop!

"I will be kind to everybody,
particularly to those I find
troublesome." St. Anthony Mary Claret


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