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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Note Worthy

Look of determination! Michele Wie the sixteen year old golf multi millionaire. Hasn't come close to being a golf superstar playing golf. But she sells tickets and every one wants to see her pound one 300 yards! It doesn't seem to mater that she has not won a golf match yet or not. Her determination to compete with the men is her obsession.

Ask David Leadbetter the golf guru who has been couching her for the US Open trials that kick off tomorrow. "She stands a good chance"! For what she is paying him he had darn well better say she has a chance!

So if she makes the cut? Then what, does any one remotely expect her to win? I think not. However it would be another first for her. This seems to be what she wants making headlines keeping the sponsors nipping at her hills. Ha... How many sixteen year old multi millionaires do you no? There are a lot of ways to put $$$ in the bank then winning a golf tournament! Good luck Michelle I hope you knock their socks off!

Also Note Worthy

What is it you say? It looks like a construction sight that's gone amok! This is the new Olympic stadium in Beijing China engulfed in fog or is it smog! The sight is called the bird nest by locals! I buy that, good name, 2008 will be here before you no it! The question is will the world be at war and miss this event?


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