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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Quick update

The weekend flew by as usual! Friday i over did it at church. I cut grass for five hours and when I got off the mower, I couldn't straighten up right away. I hobbled around trying to get things going again but have had problems all weekend. It doesn't hurt to walk, but sitting or bending is a pain. I even have trouble getting in and out of the car.

Did this stop me from playing golf? No way was I going to miss my T-time! LOL! It hurt but hey it would hurt sitting home too!

Looks like warm weather is here. Upper eighties the last couple of days. I am ready for the heat. I have had enough cold. November will be here soon enough!

Have a good week every one. I hope to get around to see everyone in the next couple of days!

Would you believe I wrote this Monday and never got around to posting. Sorry bout that. I have been staying busy out side. I got to keep moveing with this back problem. I'm afraid if I stop I want get going again. It hurts to sit at the puter so I just havent been on. I hope every one has a great weekend!


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