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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Red Hill School Hastings UK

I love beautiful old buildings. This one was build in 1612 to house the aristocrats lunatics! Then became a school house. The pic. and story comes from a friends blog in Hastings. The school websight shows reunions at the school from the thirties up through the nineties.

Just think the building is older than our country. I marvel at some of the pics. from Europe of the old buildings and their color schema. I have seen so many fine old buildings torn down case being our church here in town that's slated to be torn down and rebuild this year! The building is only forty-years old.

I wasd born and raised in a small town NE of T-town. Jonesboro, a suburb of Bessemer Al. My first school has been torn down. My second school in Bessemer was abandon many years ago. My third school Bessemer High School was sold to a National church organization as a state conference center. I have driven by these schools and recollected the time I spent there. Good and bad but part of me that I will take to the grave.

Speaking of Grave! I had my Doc. Appointment yesterday and was given a clean slate on all the test they have ran! Yahoo!!! Well not quite. The acid reflux problem hast damaged my voice box! I have become horse and at time loose my voice all together. My doc. Was all up set abut this. He's is giving me a strong regiment of meads to try to clear it up in three weeks or I will have to go to a throat specialist! Darn... Almost a clean bill of health.

I have lost thirty pounds and work out at the gem three times a week. I have started walking, carrying my clubs at the golf course. This is something I haven't done in years. I feel pretty good for an old FART

My grandpa use to say son, your health is like a bank account. You get out only what you put in!


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