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Friday, March 03, 2006

Da Vinci No. 9

Da Vinci’s fascination with the sea spurred many designs for aquatic exploration. His diving suit was made of leather, connected to a snorkel made of cane and a bell that floated at the surface. Proving the artist was also practical, the suit included a pouch the diver could urinate in.

Geez, anither fast day! My wife took our daughter to the emergincie room this morning! They were there for five hours.They say she has a severe Sinus infection! Would have never guessd that. Anyway more medication on top of what she is alrady taking.

My friend P. came home from the hospital today! They had to cortize where he was bleeding. Every thing checked negetive, that was good news.

One of my golf buddies and I had brekfust this morning and worked at the church trimming. It want be long and the moore bragade will start. I did cut on the side and in front of the church before I left. The darn weeds were up eight to ten inches high.

The beat goes on at Durel!...
MIAMI -- Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson resumed their duel at opposite ends of Doral on Thursday, and the outcome didn't change.

Woods was still one shot better.

In a balmy start to the Florida swing, Woods again reached the 603-yard 12th hole in two shots and ran off a string of birdies along the back nine of the Blue Monster for an 8-under 64 and a one-shot lead over Mickelson and four others in the Ford Championship at Doral.

"This guy Tiger seems to play well every day, every week," Mickelson said. "I'm just trying to keep pace. I'm trying to maybe have another shot at dueling out with him on Sunday, and I'm glad that he's playing well. I've got to do my part and stay with him."

Last but foemost when my son came home he decovered his trailer had been broken into! He had quite a bit of change saved in large bottles, credit cards, and checks were all taken! The police were out for several hours. They got quite a few finger prints! As much as I hate to say it, my granddaughter is a prime suspect! What's the old saying "There's always something!


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