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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Some Times You Just Want To Cry

At 7:30am this morning our Vet called and told me Rocky died! Needless to say we are devastated and so is he. He is so up set by what has happened that he is pulling out of the shelter program! It's to late to point fingers! My wife feels I should have left Rocky at the Vets one more day and they would have seen he had a problem! I pick him up a day early to surprise her and take her mind of Rex now she has both of them to morn over!

What's the old saying "dam if you do and dam of you don't"! This is a heavy weight to bare art my age I should be a weight lifter! Now the long Waite to see if any of our dogs have gotten the various! It is a seven to ten day span and this is day four.

I pray that none of them get it! They have been raised from birth by us. Unless you have lost a pet of your on you wouldn't understand how they become part of you family.

One bright spot, today is Megans Birth Day. She has interred the terrible TEENS! Thirteen today! We had a surprise Birth Day Party for her last night! I will post a pic. later. I may not be on line much until this wait is over take care everyone and have a good week!


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