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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Home Front Update

Not wanting to go into a lot of detail but just to let you no what has been going on on the home front.

Health issues seem to come to the forefront! My daughter in Chicago is having severe chest pains and suffering from depression. So far they haven't determined what's wrong.

My middlel girl, who has the degenerating nerves in her legs fell getting out of bed and broke two toes! She also has ulcers in her mouth that they haven't determined what they are. She is trying to get on disability but will be May before her case comes up in court.

Her daughter gave full cussed of the twins and their sister to her X! Meanwhile she is running footloose up and down the roads. Can't hold a job, in three months she has lost six jobs!

This also very sad!...
My wife's dog Rex died Monday the 13th. Rex was in poor health and was being treated for a bowl problem and I think the meads were just to much for him. He was 13 years old. He went every where with my wife. Needless to say the whole family was up set. I brought Rex home to bury him out back. My wife had to work late so we were burying him in the dark and man was it cold! I buried him in a spot where my wife could see his grave out the kitchen window.
Good by old friend, you will always be in our hearts...

Seams the good Lord alwas knows when your heartin inside! When my wife stopped off to pay the vet for Rex she was greated at the door by a bouncing puppy...

The puppy was there to be neutered and belonged to our local anaminal shelter. He took to my wife like they were meant to be together. My wife called from work and told me the story and yap, you gusset it we now have Rex 2!

My grandpa use to say son, the death of a pet will bring heated tears and put a scar on you heart but a puppy will ease the pain!


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