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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Project staled

I started a winter home project of converting VHF tapes to CD that my FL had taken over the last twenty years. It is a big job because there AR hundreds of tapes. I have been bring home tapes from the lake and sorting through them. Some had nothing on them so I ran a tape through that was a recorded TV law and order program. When I rewound the tape it broke and so you see the story above in picks.!

Talking to the repairman he said so much of the electronics today are junk! Put to gather by robots and most are to expensive to repair.

This is a story I have heard often over the years from my FL. who had a TV repair shop of his own.

We live in a throw away world where it is in most cases cheaper to buy new rather than repair. Case at point my recorder has a small broken plastic part that twisted into when I rewound the tape!

The part will run around ten bucks but the labor for the repair will run near ninety-five! All because of a cheap design on a moving part! The whole circuit board has to come out to replace the part.

To make maters even worse, the recorder is new given to me for Xmas! Did I hear you say warranty... Ha, my son doesn't have the receipt and therefore no warranty! Only two tapes were played in the VHF and POP, out of business!

My grandpa use to say son, some day you will see the best is just like the rest liking in quality!


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