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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Trying to Catch Up

I feel like the USA speed skating team last night. They were doing good down to the last lap and the weakest of the team couldn't catch up. I was not a pretty sight. He really put forth all he had and just couldn't Catch Up!

Yesterday was like a blur. I went up to my middle daughters to check on her and get her to go to the doctor. As it turned out he told her the same thing I did. She has just worn herself out with her job and has got to cut back and give her body a chance to heal. I talked to her last night and she was getting some rest but still felt bad.

I went to the gem and worked out. Man it did me in! I too don't seem to have energy to keep myself going! After that I went by and picked up my wife's new puppy. By the way she wants to call him Rocky!

It turns out Rocky is only eight weeks old and must have been just yanked from his mother. I couldn't get him to eat last night and he through up several times. He has to go Pee every hour and man does he go! He want drink water eater! When the Vet come in I will have to call and find out what to do. He wound up sleeping in my room. I put a puppy pad down for him and he slap on it and did his business somewhere else!

I took this of him this morning. He slap good all night and is still sleeping this morning. He followed me to the kitchens to make coffee so I guess he's alright.

One comment, "This is suppose to be my wives puppy"! LOL!

My grandpa use to say son, a puppy will teach you love patients and understanding! DAH!


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