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Friday, February 17, 2006

Rocky Up Date

The little guy just kept getting weaker and weaker not able too eat or even keep water down so I took him back to the vet and told them the puppy can hardly move wont eat!

About seven last night the vet called as he was going home. The puppy has PARVO! He told my daughter they gave him an antibiotic and had him on an i-vie. I asked my daughter what about our dogs and she said he didn't say!

I was upset and called his answering service. The answering service says I can only get in touch with him of this is an emergencies! I went through the ruff! I told her what had happened and that the vet knows I have other dogs and didn't tell me what to do. She said is this and emergencies! I said what do you think and she said I don't no anything about dogs. I told her he has the wrong answering service! THIS IS AN EMERGENCIES have the Vet call me!

The Vet called and went through the whole thing with me. He didn't check for PARVO because the Shelter was suppose to do this! He checked for worms only. End results Rocky will be under observation for a couple of days and may not pull through this!

We had to disinfect the whole house with clorex! I am so angry about this and upset that all my dogs have been exposed to this deadly virus! Today they all have to go in for shots!

Poor little Rocky! We can do nothing but wait and see if he will make it or not! Now the wait is on to see if any of the other dogs has the virus.

I have not felt good the last couple of days and this added stress has taken its toll on me! To make matters worse we have the three great-grad kids this weekend! I love them to death but I am up tight as a new drum!


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