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Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Room Additions

New TV & DVD/VCR Recorder T is showing R with brats in his hair!

Throw Rug Head board

Golf Bed Spread

19th Hole Sign

Box Frames and pictures

I worked out back yesterday day and as usual I over did it! I wasn't a happy camper all evening. I have some strong pain reliever that I use as a have to and man did I have too! It would be hard to pinpoint where I wasn't hurting. My brain cells some how want except the fact that I'm not a young man anymore!

After church last night M and I stopped by to see Paul. He is still not feeling good after his hospital scare with the bleeding. He doesn't look well at all. I pray he will be alright.

I no most of you don't watch golf but this weekend match with tiger and Phil battling it out is exciting! I saw Tiger hit one of his rare slices into the lake and it looked just like I had hit the ball! LOL! Today will prove to be an exciting conclusion! Have a great Sunday everyone!


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