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Monday, March 13, 2006

Paid to blog

Morning all. Yesterday was another blur in my life. It went by so fast that I scratch my head in wander! Where did it go? Sunday has become a family gathering for brunch. Normally my son and wife do all the cooking, but he has a flu bug and I stepped up to the plate!

Cooking is nothing new to me, being an old short order fast paced breakfast cook in Chicago many years ago. I use to love to cook and joke with our clientele. Any way after brunch my grandson and I played golf at the lake, then went to his moms for supper.

My daughter made my favorite, meatloaf, buterbeans, cornbread, potatoes, cucumber salad with onions! We dogie, did I pig out! My diet went out the window. LOL!
We watched the end of the Honda golf classic and got back home around six. We were both so full we couldn't eat desert so we got a dogie bag of chalks cake.

After Desperate House wives I hit the sack and was asleep in thirty seconds!

I ran across a article sbout bloging that I thought you might be interested in. The place is Austin TX. I always look at any thing from that area because of David, our bloging friend who lives there. Any way one of the bloger names stood out for me because I use to read her daily bloging. Dooce! Some of you may have read her blog.

When I first started bloging I went to her sight. It was like a soap opera. Little did I no that that is exactly what it was and she was getting paid by Adcents to blog! The sight was funny, well written and I assumed a running account of a girl and her husband living out side their religious family circle in Utah. Any way you can't comment on her sight but you could send e-mail, which I did on occasion. I stayed with her until her first child was born yap blow by blow pic. of her pregnancy.

After the birth of their little girl I became bored with her and wanted more than a one sided accout of bloging. I had no idea she was doing her blog as a full time job! LOL! She must have done well because she has readers around the world who hang by every word! She has became another "Days of Our Lives" in the blog world.

I have another one listed on my sight now who is doing the same thing for pay but I'm aware of it and go to her sight more as a teaching than any thig. This girl is sharp as a tack! I let you see if you no who I am talking about. She is listed in my blog roll.

Hear is the sights I ran across if you would like to read them. Gives you a little of what's out there in blogsville!


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