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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Show time
Hi gang, can you believe it's hump day already! At this rate summer will be over before you no it. We had another cold front come through last night dropping the temp. down into the 50s.
Yesterday was a wonderful day for golf. Worm and a nice breeze. The course was in great shape. We haven't played this course since last year. We had a guest play with us from our church. He is a Deacon and a 7 handy-cap! He can play golf! It was a pleaser to play with him. He shot a 77, the closest to him was a 90! To top it off while we were trying to find our balls he found a total of 22 balls for himself! LOL!
We may get rain today and I still haven't done the maintained on my tractor! If I can stay off this putter long enough today is the day! All though I need to clean the house today. I did the dishes last night.
Thought for the day, my grandpa use to say son have tomorrow planed before you go to bed! Now if I can just follow through!


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