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Monday, May 23, 2005


Hi gang, hope every one had a good weekend. Today is the last day of school for Megan. Long summer far a twelve year old who has discovered she can get a lot of attention from the boys. I have lost track of the number who call her every day.

The phone calls were so bad this weekend we had to restrict her calls. She can tie up a phone all day! She eats with it plays her computer games with it and on and on. We are thankful there hasn’t been any emergence calls trying to get through.

Currently we are looking at summer camps to get her evolved in. Softball, swimming, (boot camp with the Marines)! LOL! I never had problems finding things to do. I lived for the summer and put September out of my mind!

I know this is a common concern for every one with children but as adults get older it seams intensive. I don’t wont to be a stick in the mud but she is not going to run wild. We love her too much to let her do what ever!

Last year we got her a season’s pass at our amusement park. It is like six flags. It cost $48.00; this year it’s $75.00! They installed new rides and expand the water park. You no who is paying for it! Every thing is so expensive.

Thought for the day my grandpa use to say son, there is no time in live to be bored. Every day presents new opportunity!


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