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Monday, July 31, 2006


For most people on the planet, the term "psychopath" evokes thoughts of violence and bloodshed - and evil of the darkest kind.

But during 25 years, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has built a body of work that may help temper such deeply ingrained perceptions.

Sure, people do commit horrific, unimaginable crimes. But does that automatically mean they are psychopathic? And what is "psychopathy" anyway? With unique research access to prison inmate populations in Wisconsin, Joseph Newman has devoted his career to answering such questions.

The proper understanding of psychopathy has implications for the treatment of inmates everywhere - particularly for those who are wrongfully labeled. Newman's work could also serve as the backbone of new behavioral interventions that target psychopathic behaviors.

So who are psychopaths? Broadly speaking, they are people who use manipulation, violence and intimidation to control others and satisfy selfish needs. They can be intelligent and highly charismatic, but display a chronic inability to feel guilt, remorse or anxiety about any of their actions.

Scientists estimate that 15-25 percent of men and 7-15 percent of women in U.S. prisons display psychopathic behaviors. The condition, however, is hardly restricted to the prison system. Newman estimates that up to 1 percent of the general population could be described as psychopathic. Surprisingly, many who fall into that bracket might lead perfectly conventional lives as doctors, scientists and company CEOs.

"Psychopathy appears to exist throughout the world and has probably existed throughout history," Newman says.

As I read this article I got chill bumps at the implications of the percentages! If his data is true that means over 380,000 Psychopath in America! Over 7300 per state.

Not good vibes to start Monday with. I once worked a prison ministry here in Alabama many years ago and what I found there was my reason for reading this article. There are so many who have a mental imbalance that with the right medication can live a normal productive live.

This brings up the next question,what is NORMAL?


Blogger Sally said...

When you find out, buddy, what NORMAL is please let me know! I once knew someone with psychopathic tendencies (not violent in the sense of physically hurting someone) but being unable to feel guilt or remorse, OR, if they did it certainly wasn't apparent in any sense of the word. It makes life so difficult when you live with someone like that.

7:51 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Let me know when you find out what is NORMAL !!! I don't know anyone with pshychopathis tendencies !


8:40 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

It is scary to think of all the psychopaths that are out there, they are calculating and good actors, we probably pass at least one every day without knowing it.

Normal? I would say those who care about others and know right from wrong and abide by the right.

As for normality in life, I have no clue LOL

9:44 AM  
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