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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Hi gang, not much going on around the creek. Megan struck out three times last night, so she is not a happy camper. Her sister with the twins, will be getting a divorce. My daughter is so upset she can't eat without throwing up. Me, I wont to find a hole a crawl in it. Because of all of this my wife and I have been short with each other. That's going to make things better! Yea, right!
My wife is the weeding coronate at church and my friend who just moved to Ohio was her helper. It takes two to do the job. Guess who got volunteered! I don't wont to do this, but I will have to until she can get someone.
On a brighter note, I did get my yard cut before the rain moves back in. The ground is so wet, it will not hold any more water. My little creek thinks it's a river! LOL! My granddaughter in Chicago has moved her VC to July to give us a break between visits. We didn't ask but I think the girls got their heads to gather.
Yesterday was sad to see Jack Nickels miss the cut. Another area is coming to an end. His mind knows what to do but his body just can't respond! This may be another Tiger weekend. He has won this venue three times!
Thought for the day, sometime all you can say is been there and done that!


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