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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hi gang, I got tagged I think? Another meme!

day, May 31, 2005

Cause I love Books

And cause Brenda asked me to, here's another book meme.

Total Number of Books I Own: Believe it or not most of my book are religious about a hundred

The last Book I Bought: Thomas Merton, "Thoughts in solitude"

Last Book I Read: "The Mulberry Tree" Jude Defraud.

The most recent book I started was: "Windswept House" Malachi Martin

Five Books That Mean A lot to Me: "The Bible", St. Teresa of Avail, "John of the Cross", St. Theresa of Lassoer, collected works of Thomas Merton.

I believe I have told you that i was married at sixteen. Never had read a book but my wife was a speed reader. She would finish a large book in a day. Because of her I started reading first since fiction and then some adult books and then I was back in school to get my high school diploma. I quit my senior year. Well I got the degree and went on to college to get a business degree. That was tough, I carried a 3.7 grade avg. And was on the deans list! I keep that pace up far three years. When I was promoted to VP at our company the work load and school was just to much. I had to drop out of school. It hurt, I talked to a canceller and she said I had to choose!

Well to make a long story short I dropped out of school. Within three years I had the company running in the black, The company bank gave me a commendation far the success I had brought the company. In 90 days the CEO sold the company!

How did I get off on this tangent? The only point I wanted to make was through the years my spelling never improved. In grade school i was told to spell the way it sounds. As a results I either add letters or leave them off. As I get older my spelling is getting worse! Words common I am starting to misspell.

I suppose it's ironic that I keep trying. I thought by now we would have PC you talk to and they wood write for you but I belief the tech. Will be video and voice.

Thought far the day, my grandpa use to say son, express yourself if you want to be heard! Later Madana made that into a song! LOL!


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