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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"My Momma Diden't Raise No Fool!"

When the man at the auto repair shop told me that it would

cost $1400 to fix my car's air conditioning,

I just laughed at him and said, "I can

fix it myself for a whole lot less than that!"


Ah yes summer is here! We are still dry no rain. today will be in the uper 90s and I am playing golf. May be the heat will do these old bones some good.

I read a lot of your post yesterday about your dad and was very proud of you for your prase of him. My dad was killed in a minning accident when I was six so I realy never knew him. I do remember him though. He use to drive eighteen wheelers until mom made him quit. He was gone all the time and she didn't like being left alone. I still remember the night they came to our door to tell us he was gone!

Well any way I read some great post and I thank all of you for shearing. Have a great day and stay cool!


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