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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Time To Reflect

When was the last time you spent time just by yourself? Reflection for some is just to painful but there are those special times we cherish.

The week has been like a blur my patience have worn then but I am still in control of my emotions. The door hinges are about worn out from the kids running in and out. It has been a hot week, hit 100* yesterday. With the door opening and closing every couple of minutes the air conditioner hasn't stopped! Man I sure hate to see this months power bill.

My wife called from Nashville, Tenn. around 10:00. I told her to spend the night at the lake. I knew she would be tired from her trip and wouldn't get any rest hear! LOL!

Megan and I went to church last night and took two of the great-grandkids. Not a good idea, believe me it wasn't mine! Any way I had to get on them a couple of times, they weren't too bad. After communion A.J. the oldest said in a loud voice "papa when are we leaving", I like to have had a heart attack! LOL!


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